Why they're different

Brown Paper Patterns is a series of "pattern packages". Each package contains five classic styles that are elegant yet uncomplicated. All patterns are drawn from the same base, or "block", so that any alterations needed will hold true for all of the styles in the pattern line. The pattern tissue includes ten sizes, with customary shorten and lengthen lines, and an option for a natural or lowered waistline on all of the skirts and pants.

These patterns have clean lines, so they work well on most body sizes. Because they are uncomplicated, they work well for new and returning sewers, and for more advanced sewers looking for basic complements to more elaborate creations. They are designed for women who are looking for simplicity in the clothes they sew and wear.

At Brown Paper Patterns, instructions come in two parts. The Steps of Construction sheets tell you "what to do," while the Methods Dictionary tells you "how to do it."

First, you pull out the Steps of Construction sheet for your chosen style. As you follow the steps and want more explanation, you open the Methods Dictionary.


Steps of Construction Sheets
Each garment in the pattern has its own 5" x 7" Steps of Construction sheet, listing the steps to be taken to construct the garment. Words in bold lettering refer you to the Methods Dictionary. Once you have learned the methods, this easy to handle sheet will be all that you need. The pattern layouts for the garment are shown on the back of each sheet.






Methods Dictionary
This is a six-page booklet included in each pattern. Methods used to construct the garments are arranged in alphabetical order, with drawings to assist you in understanding.The Steps of Construction sheets refer you to this dictionary by words in bold lettering.